Exchange Rates

The price of a nation’s currency in terms of another currency Australian Dollars (AUD) per United States Dollar (USD). Different countries have different exchange rate regimes, normally controlled by their Central Bank.

In Australia this is the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA); in the USA it is the Federal Reserve (FED) ; and in China the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).



A Framework

Opening 1st August 2017.

When trying to understand what is happening and how it is reported it helps to have a framework within which to collect your thoughts and develop your arguments

We will be using the following ‘canvas’, containing several separate but integrated modules. We will cover a different module each week and stress the linkages between them with the aim of allowing you to better understand what some of the issues are facing society today. This is NOT an offering steeped in a deep understanding of the different theories but we will introduce you to some basic constructs that will assist the overall process. Our aim is not to overload you with material and you can expect two to three blog posts a week. However we will integrate the weekly material into an Ebook, with audio that you can review at your leisure. When you have covered all modules you will feel comfortable to move on to our more advanced blog informedopinion  which covers some issues (mega trends) in more depth and assumes a basic level of understanding of some of the issues facing society.


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